How to complete this offer:

1. Click Allow to notifications on this page, then Click here to sign up to TimeBucks

2. You need to earn $5 by completing Surveys and Offers from the EARN tab.

TIP: Complete the Daily Goal Checklist on the Dashboard page to earn even faster!

3. Verify your ID (you can do this once you reach $5 in earnings)

4. Make sure you do all of this within 30 days of signing up, and you will be instantly credited your reward on the offerwall you came from.

Tips to Earn $5 Fast:

1. Focus on Surveys
Surveys pay 100 times higher than any other task on the site, so you should focus on doing them. From the top menu, click on Earn > Surveys. Focus on doing surveys from these top providers: Your-Surveys, Peanut Labs, Revenue Wall. If there are no other surveys to do, you can try other providers.

2. Enable Push Clicks
In TimeBucks, go to Earn > Content > Push Clicks. Click the green Enable button and you will start getting ads appear in your browser and you get paid to click each one. You can earn up to $0.50 a day just by doing this alone, so it will get you to your $5 goal even quicker.

3. Complete Daily Goal Checklist
On the Dashboard page, if you complete any 5 out of 6 goals, you will win a bonus each day. You will win an even bigger bonus for completing 6 days in a row!

Other things to know:

Sweepstakes Competition
TimeBucks has a weekly sweepstakes competition where 30 winners share in a prize pool of $500. You earn sweepstakes entries by performing tasks on TimeBucks, and you even get 100 free entries just got logging in daily. Even if you don't want to do any tasks on TimeBucks, you might as well login daily just so you get a chance to win the prize!

TimeBucks has a daily ladder competition where the top 5 earners win a prize up to $20! If you're a serious survey grinder, this is good news for you!

Referral Ladder
TimeBucks has a weekly referral competition where the top 5 people that earn the most referral commission for users they referred in the last 7 days win a prize up to $100!

You can advertise anything you want on TimeBucks via the Advertise tab. You can create tasks, or even buy referrals for any website you want. Check out the advertise tab when you get a chance!

What are you waiting for?

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